Crickets are native to Europe, but introduced to America in the 18th Century.  Crickets are found indoors and outdoors, and are sold in stores for pet food, fish food, or live bait for fishing. They are a nuisance indoors due to their habit of chewing on fabrics, often chewing large holes in clothing. They attack all types of material, and often it is synthetic fabrics that are most damaged, although cotton, wool, and silk are attacked as well.  Crickets are light tan or brown. They are about 1 inch long. They have long, thin antennae and long, enlarged hind legs designed for jumping. The adults have wings that are held flat on their backs. and have 3 black bands that run side to side on their heads.  Cricket control begins with elimination of harborage sites outdoors. Removal of yard debris, wood piles, trash, or thick ground covers will reduce the population of the insects close to the structure. Bugs B Dead will treat around the foundation of the structure with a natural alternative insecticide will intercept and kill most of the insects that attempt to enter.



These monsters are native to America and are common in San Diego County.  Jerusalem crickets are huge insects that feed on vegetables and root crops, but primarily eat other insects. Females are even known to kill and eat a male following copulation. They have huge, strong jaws which they use for digging, allowing them to burrow under rocks or bury themselves in holes in the soil. These are nocturnal insects, they are wingless, and with their large size and active movement they cause fear among people who stumble upon them. They are capable of biting but otherwise are harmless.

Adults may grow to 2 inches long, with strong legs and a huge head with large, dark eyes. They are a shiny light brown color, and the abdomen has black bands across the segments on the top. The hind legs are very large and strong.  There is very little reason to control these insects, and their presence is more beneficial than harmful due to their feeding on other insects. A thorough treatment by Bugs B Dead of the yard will help to keep them out of structures.