Rats are native to forested areas in Asia, but transported into Europe by caravans in the 11th century. Rats and the fleas they carry are responsible for the Black Death episode in the 14th Century.  Rats arrived in the United States somewhere in the 1500’s.  The most common Rat in San Diego County is the Roof Rat, they prefer to live in trees and attics.  It is nocturnal and secretive, hiding in landscaped environments, and feeding heavily on the fruits, nuts, vegetables, or garden snails found there. Rats are shy about new objects, and may avoid traps. . A normal life expectancy for them is about a year. The gestation period of the female is 22 days, litters average 8 to 9 pups, and she may have 3 to 4 litters in her one year.  Roof Rats carry disease, such as plague, (spread by their fleas). They are extremely destructive and cause tremendous damage due to their constant gnawing on structural members, pipes, and electrical wires. The Roof Rat has a tail that is noticeably longer than its body length, Its head it has a pointed nose, large eyes, and large ears. Its color is dark gray to black with a lighter grayish belly. Exclusion from structures is of high importance in preventing entry and damage from this rat. They can enter through any opening wider than one half inch.  Bugs B Dead will do a complete inspection of the house, attic, garage, and yard to determine the entry points, closing any openings we find. The full complement of traps and baits will be used on Rats for optimum control.