Earwigs are from Europe or Asia, but this species is now found throughout the world. It was first found in the U.S. around 1907 near Seattle, Washington.  Earwigs take 3 to 5 months to go from egg to adult and generally live only about one year. Adults are capable of some flight. Earwigs feed primarily on plant material, but also are predators on many other insects.  Earwigs have strong "pincers" at the hind end, these are used for defense, food capture, and some other uses. Earwigs can be found everywhere around the house and yard. They hide under lumber or firewood piles, yard debris, or other piled materials on the soil. Control of moisture also reduces the favorable habitats for earwigs. Bugs B Dead can apply environmentally safe products that will intercept wandering earwigs along pathways and around foundations to control your problem.