It is believed this critters are native to Europe, but it now they are found throughout the world.  Pillbugs and Sowbugs are most closely related to Crustaceans, like crabs and crayfish, they require areas of high moisture for survival. Pillbugs and Sowbugs eat decaying organic and vegetable materials, although they also may attack turf, as well as fruits and vegetables. Sowbugs and pillbugs can live up to 2 years, and they continue to shed throughout their lifetime. Females produce a batch of around 25 eggs that hatch in a little pouch on her side. The nymphs are carried in this pouch for an average of about 45 days, at which time they are able to open the pouch and leave of their own accord. After shedding again the female regains the use of the pouch and she may have several broods each year.  Pillbugs are up to a half inch long, dark gray in color. They are capable of curling up into a tight, round ball when disturbed. Bugs B Dead can do a barrier treatment with a alternative natural product will eliminate many of them as they crawl against the foundation and building perimeter.